Cosmetics Bag

Before you start, if you want to use a covered board, you will need to do the board FIRST. I suggest covering your board a few din advance so that it's dry when you are ready to assemble the cake. You can just cover it in your chosen color and trim, or do what i do and get a pattern on it to make it look a little more interesting.

e masonite boards as they are more sturdy. Cover it the same way you'd cover a fondant cake, and then trim it all around the board using a sharp knife.

Once this is done, place a plastic doily in the center of your fondant(or some other marking tool) and gently press it by rolling a rolling pin over it. Remove the doily, At this point, the fondant will have stretched over the board a tiny bit and needs to be trimmed once again. Allow it to dry for a couple of days, if you put your cake on it straight away there is more chance of marking it when you're doing the final touches.

Pictured below is the plastic doily that i use most often for marking my fondant on the boards
Bake a cake ( i did a vanilla butter cake in an 8 inch pan, three inches high, with a parchment paper collar to allow the cake to raise above the collar. If you use my recipe from CC, make the cake with margarine, multiply the recipe by 1.5 and bake it in a 3 inch high, 8 inch pan.
Cut the cake about half an inch from the center. Cut it straight down, if your cake is domed, trim the top so that it's straight..
Separate cake and set smaller part aside. Do what ever you like with the smaller part, cake balls, etc.
Set larger cake piece on the side, now you have the main shape for your make up bag. At this point if you want to tort go ahead. I wouldn't recommend it unless you're using a very firm cake. Your cake will need to withstand the weight of the fondant AND not fall apart from too much moisture.
Cut a cardboard board to sit under your cake, it has to be the exact size of the base of your cake. Crumb coat your cake with butter cream and allow it to set in the fridge for at least an hour. Take cake out of the fridge, using butter cream stick to the fondant covered board (If your board hasn't completely dried, i wouldn't recommend doing this, you will end up marking your board). Roll out fondant in a large enough piece to cover the whole cake, smooth over the cake and then using a sharp knife trim around the edges. Using a quilting mat, mark the front of the cake only. You can mark the rest if you like, but it's not really necessary. Using the rope tip in your sugarcraft gun, create a long rope to go around the base of the cake, stick with a damp brush (water should be fine), you may need two strands of rope to go around the whole cake. Then create one rope to go at the front, and another at the back, ensure you get this rope in one piece so it's as neat as possible. Using the the pictured tip in your sugarcraft gun, create a long strip, this will be your zipper, it should be long enough to go from one end of the cake to the other. Stick it on the cake, with the bumpy side up, then using a knife mark a zig zag on the bump (??) to simulate a zipper, then color with gold or silver edible paint.
Roll out a thick piece of fondant, about one inch thick using a round cutter.
Using a smaller cutter, mark and cut right in the center of the previous shape, cut in about half way.
Using a knife, separate the sides of the pot from the center.
Cut out center.
Put gently back into the cutter you used initially to shape it back , neaten it up inside the cutter.
At this point you can fill the pot with royal icing, or melted fondant ( just mix it with water and some shiny luster dust)
Using the larger cutter again, cut a piece of fondant that will serve as the pot's lid. This has to be a little less than half the thickness of the first one.
Using a knife or other instrument, decorate the top of the lid. Your make up pot is now ready for your cake.
To make the brush, roll out a piece of fondant into a sausage.
Cut the tip and hollow out the cut part, this is where the bristles will go.
Knead some soft licorice, and use it in your sugarcraft gun to make the bristles for the brush.
. Insert into the fondant, and add a trim. Then add to cake.
Stick make up to cake board, and finish off using make up shaped candles. Use matching ribbon to trim the board, stick it with double sided tape or a non toxic glue stick that will dry clear.
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