Gumpaste Butterfly

Above are the tools you will require for this project.

This is the cutter that i used for this
This same website has a set of 4, i have the set of 4 that i use for these butterflies.

You will also need

A small batch of Royal Icing
A small amount of Gumpaste

Roll out the gumpaste thinly and cut using butterfly cutter. Allow to dry for a few hours on a piece of foam.
Set up your small foam wedges as pictured on top of parchment or wax paper.
Set up your wings ready to pipe on the body.
Pipe royal icing over the wings using a No. 2 tip.
Bend one stamen right in half.

Cut off the tips of the stamen.


Cut stamen in half.
Insert into the head of butterfly to simulate antennae.
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