3d Crocodile

You will need two rectangular cakes. Don't use any soft cakes, you need something like a pound cake for this project. The measurements of the cakes are 5" x 7" & 9" x 7" and they're both about 3.5 inches high.

Cut off the corners of the larger cake, so that you end up with a curve, and two pieces that can be used as the croc's tail.
Do the same to the other side
Attach the other cake using butter cream of ganache.
Cut off a small triangle from where the neck is, on both sides of the cake
Then cut from about one inch from the bottom of the previous cut, towards the front of the cake making the jaws/mouth.
Using a serrated knife, cut off all the shape corners on the cake, making it more naturally rounded.
At this point you can use the cake cut offs to extend the croc's nose, the original cake i made looked more like a lizard, for the one pictures right at the bottom, i extended the mouth part with cake cutoffs and then fondant.
With the second cake of these that i made, i crumb coated the whole thing with ganache.
Roll out a large piece of green fondant. I rolled it out on glad wrap (saran wrap), and then lied it on the cake.
Smooth it over, and use a plastic orange bag (those netting bags that the oranges come in) to give the whole croc texture.
Push in the fondant with a balling tool or other rounded tool, to make the nostrils.
The eyes are simply two white fondant balls, with a small piece of black in the center. Mark a line for the mouth, and add bits of white fondant, to form the teeth. You will need to put one above the line and one under the line, until you get around the whole line.
Roll out some fondant to make his legs, put some scale ridges all down his back in two rows, and then fill out the board with piping jelly, real jelly (jello) wont work as it will melt the fondant, trust me, it happened to ME!!! hahaha
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