Gumpaste Dove
Using a ball of gumpaste, shape first into a football shape, then squeeze the end to start forming the head, once you have a head shape, squeeze to form a beak. Turn to the other end and press out gently to start forming a tail.
Mark feathers on the tail with a knife, and stand dove as pictured, propped with kitchen wrap, this way the tail will dry in the right position.
While the body is drying, roll out some gumpaste not too thin, and cut out some wings, i used a water lily leaf cutter, you can cut them by hand with a knife if you don't have an appropriate cutter. Cut 2, then cut each leaf in half, and remove the pointy parts to get a smooth wing.
Cut a 6-8 inch length of 24# wire, and bend it as pictured to form a support for the wing. Put it on top on one of the pieces, moisten wing with glue, and stick the other part on top. Using your thumb and forefinger, gently squeeze together the edges all around the wing, except where the part where the wires stick out. Using some small scissors, clip around the outer part of each wing to simulate feathers.
Stand dove body up and stick wing into the body, ensure that the wire is not too long and is not going to go straight through the body, if you see it's too long, just trim it before inserting it into the body. Use a little bit of petal glue to stick the wing to the body. At this point the wing will not stand on it's own.
Both the dove body and the wing will still be rather soft, so put it on a piece of foam and prop up wings with soft foam, in the position you want them to dry in. Allow to dry for approximately 3 days.

Paint some eyes and the beak, put two toothpicks on it's bottom and insert into cake. This method can be used to make any bird.


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