Making a Gumpaste Shoe


I have only made 3 of these shoes, and each time, i made only one, not a pair, that is why at the time, I didn't think of using a template, just cut it all free hand.
When i was thinking of putting together these instructions I realised that some people may want to make a pair of shoes rather than just one, so it would be important to have a template, I made this template as i went, and it can be used to make two shoes, just use it on the opposite side to make the second shoe : )

Items Required

  • Fondant Rolling pin
  • Gumpaste
  • Americolors food coloring
  • Fondant cutter
  • Fondant embosser/texturer
  • Scissors
  • Cardboard
  • Gumpaste Glue
  • Paintbrush
  • Luster dust
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Saran/Glad Wrap
  • Shoe template


1. Colour your gumpaste in whatever colour you want to use for the shoe. Roll out a thin piece of gumpaste, and using the sole template cut around it with the fondant cutter.

2. Cut out and fold your support template, using some thin card. Fold the support using the drawn arrows as a guide as to what direction the card should be folded in.
Lay your shoe sole on it, as pictured.

3. Roll a ball of gumpaste, and start shaping it into the heel, you will need to make the heel to the height of the shoe support.
4. Take the sole off the support and lay it flat, ensure your heel fits well on to the back of the shoe. Attach and place back on supports.
5. Cut the shoe top using the template and set aside. Paint a thin layer of gumpaste glue all around the front of the shoe sole.

6. Put a scrunched up piece of Saran/Glad wrap on the front of the sole, this will be your support for the top of the shoe. I find this works well because once the shoe is dry it's very easy to remove without damaging the shoe


7. Place the top piece of gumpaste over the wrap, and using your index finger, attach it to the sole.
8. Your shoe is now ready, you could leave it like this, and it'd be just fine, or you can continue and add some trims to make it look a bit prettier.

9. Remove the cardboard support, and replace it with another piece of scrunched up saran/glad wrap. Roll out a piece of gumpaste (i used a lighter pink) using some sort of textured roller or mat to give it a bit more interest. Attach it to the top of the shoe. Cut out another textured gumpaste rectangle and cut it in half, these will be your bow loops.

10. Fold the loop over your finger, and pinch together, do this for both loops, and set aside.

Cut one more textured rectangle, then cut it in half and pinch one end of each piece. Cut the un pinched end at an angle. Set aside

11. With one of the leftover textured pieces of gumpaste make a small gumpaste loop, this is going to be the knot of your bow. Place it flat on your table, put one of the flat pieces inside on the bottom, on the left, then a loop on top of that on the left, on the right of the knot, you will put the loop first and the flat piece on top, so it looks knotted. (thanks Fran for these bow tips : )


12. Attach the bow to the shoe, dust with luster dust if desired. Roll out a very thin piece of gumpaste and cut out the lining using the template, you can write something on it if you like, i used stamps to put my sister's name on it, then attached it to the shoe.

VOILA the finished product : )

Allow the shoe to dry for a few days with all the supports.

Copyright Nati's Cakes Designs 2006